Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Colchester Walk to Work's shoes are on again.

For followers of this particular blog trail, your host is back from his backpacking trip in Scotland in May. Four days cross country from Glenelg on the west coast to Invergarry in the Great Glen. Since then, at Colchester2020 Travel Plan Club, we've been busy with car sharing schemes, bus promotions, train discounts, car clubs, cycling for transport and health, smarter driving .... oh yes, and running the club. BUT NOW, WALKING IS BACK!!!!!

And lots has happened since May. Our first Walk to Work Week in April went well, with lots of media interest in the idea of promoting walking as transport, and for fun and good health too. The two Colchester walking maps have proved to be very popular, with repeat orders from most of our distributors, and very good feedback from our customers.

"YES, BUT WHAT'S NEXT?" I hear you say. Well, walking is for all seasons, not just for summer, so we're going against the grain and promoting winter walking, starting with a "winter walk to work week", Monday 25 October to Sunday 31 October. During the week, we'll be launching a media campaign, and will be having some special events.... and that's the subject of another posting.

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