Monday, 10 May 2010

Gone for a walk.

Colchester Walk to Week's over, and your blogmaster is going for a walk. I'm backpacking in the Scottish Highlands, and will be completely out of touch, so no stories from me on here for a while. This is a picture of my solo tent, early one morning east of Knoydart, last May. Much as I enjoy my walk to work, a change of scenery is welcome. And happy trails to you too.

Bench Monday is back

Bench Mondays are back! Here's a reminder of the rules: The pictures should be taken on a Monday, and show feet and a bench. Faces and views in the background would also be a welcome option. And, even better, a story to go with it, about yourself or the special place. Get in touch at We look forward to hearing from you.

Outdoor art

You don't have to go to an art gallery to see works of art. Arts, crafts and designs are all around us. Let us salute the efforts of the road liner in Balkerne Heights, who has very neatly lined round the traffic calming. It must have made a change to his usual work for the guy (and I'm guessing it was a man) who did this. There he was anticipating another week shuffling along the gutter, mile after mile of straight lines, and he gets sent here. Lovely curving shapes round the traffic calming, reminding me of the parallel lines on the canvasses of Bridget Riley, that I had admired at Tate Modern a couple of weeks ago.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Walk to Work Challenge

Walk to Work Week is over, and all my walking trips have been registered on the national website . I believe we have the rest of the weekend to use the website, before it closes and they share the results - and award the prizes.

We've done well in Essex, and even better in Colchester. I can only give our own results at Colchester2020 Travel Plan Club, where the two of us who jobshare have done 35.4 and 13.0 miles during the week. We've had walks to and from work, walking meetings and lunchtime strolls. When we get more results from Walking Works we'll share them on our blogspot.

Walk to Work Week over - what next?

Walk to Work Week's over, and it's time to put up our feet. Our picture shows the Walking Party last Wednesday. But we rest only until Tuesday, then it's back to the task!

We've had ten events, hundreds of followers, and thousands hearing about walking for transport in Colchester. So what do we do next?

The plan was always to continue promoting walking during the summer as opportunities arise, then have another re-launch of local walking for transport in the autumn.

Meanwhile, please get in touch with your comments on our campaign so far, and keep coming back to our blogspot, there will be new stories right through the summer....